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We offer professionals & entrepreneurs a premium level of global support on an LMS like no other. Our
user-friendly and technologically advanced software not only supports all-size companies but can turn
any of your professional skills into an online course.

What Features Does Our LMS Offer Your Business

Let's have a look at the profound advantages of incorporating our LMS into your business operations.

Infrastructure & Business Growth

There are hundreds of ways in which an effective LMS can help a business grow, but perhaps the most significant of them all is its ability to streamline processes and improve the general efficiency of your infrastructure. By inputting qualities and efficient storage of data into high accessible databases, our LMS allows instant availability of essential information at your fingertips.

Lead Generation Optimization to Help You Gain Customers Access to Your Business Industry

For any business to succeed, it doesn't just need leads but 'qualified' leads that are more likely to convert. Our LMS brings a customer-focused approach to your lead generation efforts by screening out qualified prospects and taking them through a highly optimized sales funnel. Targeting qualified leads and turning them into prospects is your best bet to maximize your marketing and sales efficiency. We combine PPC networks, SEO skills and engaging content to ensure your business garners the right kind of industry-specific customer attention.

Are You Ready

are you ready to transform your future?

Our curriculum is exceptionally user-friendly, accurate, and for entrepreneurs looking to stay ahead of the competition. Our client base of partners and customers depends on this curriculum year in and out by taking advantage of all the innovative benefits and services available to them to keep them on the path of continuous growth.

We are much more than an industry-leading company. We offer professionals and entrepreneurs a premium level of global business dynamic support like no other. We offer the most user-friendly and technologically advanced software on the market!! Not only does our platform support small to large businesses. We can turn your trade, skills, and business profession into courses.



We offer professionals & entrepreneurs a premium level of global support on an LMS like no other. Our
user-friendly and technologically advanced software not only supports all-size companies but can turn
any of your professional skills into an online course.

Search Engine Optimization

Our LMS system is designed to improve the ranking of your website in search engine listings, which in turn creates a larger target audience. Being on our LMS alone will give you all the built-in perks that GEE has invested in to improve the quality of your business growth

Hassle User-Friendly Technology

We believe one of the most important components of an LMS is how easily it can be navigated by non-tech individuals. Therefore, our system was designed to be exceptionally user-friendly with a responsive and dynamic design to make it accessible on various platforms. The UI aligns with your business's specific goals while also offering customization for each user.

Customize and Design Your Marketing Platform and Payment options for customers

Once a potential customer is on your website, you should be making all efforts possible to offer them maximum value. The best way is through our LMS, which allows you to make the most of your marketing platform through suggestive selling and recommendation pop-ups. This system can further improve your integration capabilities through email marketing and other forms of customized advertising. We will assist you in integrating payment options available to help increase your sales (Zip Pay previously Quad Pay, Klarna, Paypal, and more).


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an LMS mean?

LMS is a Learning Management System that offers a platform to plan, articulate, develop, automate and report numerous different segments of your business operations and infrastructure.

What are the benefits for a business to use an LMS?

• Better marketing management. • Improved employee productivity. • Allows mobility and easy accessibility. • Centralized database for quick retrieval. • Increase the effectiveness of employee training.

What is the first step to take to get started on the GEE?

Your very first step to start the GEE program is to browse through our website and get any questions cleared out through our ever-helpful customer representatives.

How much would it cost to get started on Global Empowerment & Education (GEE)?

If you're interested in getting started on GEE, schedule a one-one consultation now.


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LMS Technical Features

At Global Empowerment & Education, we have state of the art communication technology that allows:

  • Video-Based (Live Webinar) Education for Effective Learning.
  • Remote and Mobile workforce to Ensure Accessibility.
  • Built-In SEO
  • User-Interface for Administrators, Instructors, and E-Learners.
  • Data Tracking-Great for Effective Fundraising and Investments.
  • Scheduling Tool for Face-to-Face Sessions and Improved Learning.
  • Discussion Forum to Encourage Dialogue and Communication.
  • Course administration and Certificate of Completion.
  • 24-hour Technical Support Team for Any Queries.
  • Online Chat to Ensure Customer Support and Satisfaction.